It’s time to RETHINK confetti! 🎉

Shining, shimmering, sparkling as it falls ✨… confetti is Disney animation come to life! 

But, to me, confetti means SO MUCH MORE. 💖

You see it’s not just colorful and beautiful, it means something much deeper than that. 

Let me explain.  🥰

I have found that throughout my life, as I am sure in yours, hard times have come. 

Times where the bad circumstance seemed to have no end in sight. 
Times where the light and hope became a bit dimmer. 
Times where you didn’t know how you could keep holding on. 

But joy prevailed. Love prevailed. Hope prevailed. 

Getting through those hard times in life taught me some mighty important lessons. 

They taught me that, even in the midst of chaos or the unknown, that something greater was leading me through.

They taught me that no matter the mistakes I made, those mistakes could be the catalyst for my success. 

They taught me that those bad or unwanted circumstances were shaping me and molding me into the woman I was supposed to be.

And that’s when it hit me - like a handful of confetti! 

I learned that confetti had a deeper meaning…

You see, after confetti is used, it’s headed for the trash. Most people think it can’t be reused or repurposed after it has made its fall. 

Just like some of our mistakes and failures can seem to deem us unuseful or unwanted…

WELL, I’m here to tell YOU you can turn those mistakes or failures into CONFETTI! 🎉🎉

I took what I thought was doomed, and made it into a victory! 

Turning negative things in life into confetti is my way of life now! 

That is why I am obsessed with all things confetti - taking the old and making it new, spreading it 
around to positively impact others, and reminding myself that even my mistakes have a great PURPOSE

Here is a video clip of direct proof of how my mistakes turned into confetti. (I dreamed of those 15 seconds for more than a year, and it turned into a reality!) And the whole story behind how God saved me from my biggest mistake here.

So, here’s to turning our mistakes into confetti! 🎉

That's all she wrote!