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Rave Reviews

She is one of the most talented artists I know! Photos do not do her products any Justice! Quality is beyond expected and her writing is beautifully crafted! Please go visit her shop. She’s built her brand with love and pure happiness. And how could you not smile when she greets you with her smile and charm!

Minnie, California

All She Wrote Notes and Maghon Taylor are true gems in North Carolina. This store is bright and full of personality. You can see the time and heart put into each piece. Maghon takes the time to greet every customer both big and small. Not only will she personalize things on the spot, but it’s obviously a joy for her to do so. Each interaction is special and personal.

Amity, North Carolina

Maghon and Jenn are amazing!! So sweet, organized and FUN. Whether you visit the store to shop or take a class, you are guaranteed to leave feeling happy and inspired!

Colleen, Gibsonville NC

I knew I was taking a class about lettering, but I wasn't prepared for how much I would learn about LIFE and how to bounce back when we make mistakes. I'll never look at confetti the same way! SO glad I came tonight! I needed it.

Bianca, Dallas TX

Your job isn't being my Mom, you work for Betty Confetti!

Vance Taylor, Age 6, NC