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Maghon Taylor has authored FOUR books



Her first book, Happy Hand Lettering is a colorful, fun and inspirational guide to learning hand lettering, step by step. If you've ever wished you could learn lettering alongside your best friend, this book is for you!  In a warm and encouraging voice, the author talks you through her best tips to transform your handwriting into happy hand lettering. This book is packed full of traceable creative alphabets, (both uppercase and lowercase), practice pages and inspiring stories that will encourage your creative heart. There are loads of practical ideas for creating handmade gifts such as ornaments, gift tags and envelopes, but also FUN ideas to take your skills off the page and out into the world on seasonal objects from pumpkins to pool floats.  

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Maghon's second book, Betty Confetti is an upbeat, fun-to-read children's story about how God creates beauty from our mistakes. We all make mistakes. What's important is how we respond when we do. In this charming little story about Betty, we get to watch as her best efforts in art class don't quite measure up to her expectations. But does that mean Betty hangs her head low, never to bounce back again? Absolutely not. In this playful, fun storybook, children will learn they can give their mistakes and imperfections to God, and He will make something beautiful out of them-maybe even something as beautiful and fun as confetti!

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100 Days of Praise and Positivity is beautifully designed to soothe anxious hearts with a peace that passes all understanding. Each daily meditation begins with an encouraging Bible verse, a short devotion for personal reflection, a fun hand-lettering exercise, and ends with a prompt, “Today, I praise God for…” There is ample space for journaling or your own creative expression. You’ll be reminded that God loves you. That He longs to refresh your spirit and renew your heart and mind. This devotional is truly a treat for your soul. It's also the perfect thoughtful gift to bless a loved one or share together in a small group of friends.

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Kindness is like confetti; there’s always lots to spare. When we love like Jesus does, we spread it everywhere! This second book in the popular Betty Confetti inspirational Children storybook series by author and artist illustrates the importance of being kind to everyone everywhere.

When Betty sees a new girl at school, she tries her hardest to offer a warm welcome, but so many obstacles get in Betty’s way! Notes get passed to the wrong people. Lunchroom invitations get mixed up. But in the end, Betty’s kind heart wins the day when she shares kindness with others. Through her acts of kindness, she is rewarded, she makes a new friend, wins the soccer game, and learns that God wants us to love and care for people just like He loves and cares for us.