What's the Difference between Handlettering and Calligraphy?

11150380_451637878326745_6600354139313435351_n9d5a37bff6c99f7e7b37660ee76d0fe1 Hey Y'all! One of my most commonly asked questions is what is the difference between handlettering and calligraphy.  While letterers everywhere may have different definitions, here's what I mean, when I am referring to each one. Calligraphy The real deal!  We dip an old fashioned nib into a jar of ink and make handwriting magic.  Calligraphy is known for the thick and thin lines that make up each individual stroke.  The pen does all the work, with varying degrees of pressure.  Anytime you hear me say calligraphy, I am saying it was written with a metal dip pen. As you know if you've spent more than 5 minutes on my site, I am not a traditional calligrapher.  I have a much more modern and whimsical style that is my personality spilled onto the page. When I teach calligraphy, we go over all the basics of the pointed pen, the science behind how it works, as well as proper pen positioning, technique and more. 10598331_851348898210011_47396833_n11165160_456844817806051_6354262943359141228_n Handlettering I lovingly refer to handlettering as falligraphy (faking calligraphy).  When I teach handlettering, we use sharpies, chalk or similar markers to reproduce the effect of calligraphy.  We thicken the downstrokes and keep the upstrokes thin to have the look of calligraphy, but without the metal pen.  I think this is a great skill to have in your tool box for anytime you need to write on a surface that isn't conducive to metal nibs.  I use handlettering on chalkboards, large posters or any large-scale signage that is too big for calligraphy.  Handlettering opens up a whole world full of different fonts and styles and techniques that are unique to the letterer.  When I teach handlettering, we go over all of my own techniques, favorite supplies and tips and tricks of the trade. 10980730_461466790677187_3635111346660323531_n 11013014_452366964920503_8025189953807664992_n Hope this is helpful!  Can't wait to see you at my next Calligraphy or Handlettering Class soon!  11020836_453388834818316_5357058707940876117_n that's all she wrote, Maghon pink

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