All She Wrote Notes Fave Calligraphy Supplies - Speedball Holder

I get asked this question more than any other!  What are my favorite calligraphy supplies?  While I definitely think some of these are a personal preference, Here are my faves and why I can't write without them! 

First of all, my all time favorite place to buy calligraphy supplies is Paper and Ink Arts.  They are out of Nashville, TN and have amazing customer service!  They are the go-to spot for all of my calligraphy gear for classes and for general use.


So first, let's start with the holder.  My favorite holder is the Speedball.  I learned with a straight holder, so it is a lot less intimidating (and often less expensive) than an oblique holder.  My favorite holder is this one. I like that it has a grip where you can put your fingers, and it is easy to insert the nib into the tip of the holder.  It is also plastic and durable, but if your ink dries, or you ruin it, you aren't out a lot of money. This is the holder that I use in all of my #CalligraphyYall Classes.

Speedball Holder





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