All She Wrote Notes Fave Calligraphy Supplies - Brause Nibs

So Nibs are magical little vessels that carry the ink into our paper and make our handwriting dance off the page.  My very favorite nib (and the one that I teach with most often) is the Brause EF 66.  


Brause Nib


This nib is awesome for beginners because it is easy to make it achieve the thick and thin lines that calligraphy is so known for!  I use this nib on everything from christmas cards to wedding invitations and everything in between. 

What is your favorite nib?


My all time favorite place to buy calligraphy supplies is Paper and Ink Arts.  They are out of Nashville, TN and have amazing customer service!  They are the go-to spot for all of my calligraphy gear for classes and for general use.



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