All She Wrote Notes Fave Calligraphy Supplies - Modern Calligraphy Book

I am somewhat of a book junkie and I purchase and read anything I can get my hands on about calligraphy and/or small business.  My favorite thing about THIS book isn't the writing, exactly but how the author showcases pages and pages of different capital letter variations.  When I was developing my style, capital letters took a lot of practice for me.  I went back and forth with many different letter forms before creating the alphabet that I use most often today. 

In this book, Molly Suber Thorpe has like twenty different ways to write each letter!  That alone is worth the price of admission. I recommend this book to my classes almost every single time as a way to learn and practice different styles of Modern Calligraphy. 

You can buy this book and all of my other favorite calligraphy supplies at Paper and Ink Arts

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