Create Your Own Confetti Chair

confetti chair


I LOVE when my friends see confetti and immediately think of me and All She Wrote Notes!  This Saturday my friend Kristin tagged me in a confetti chair on Instagram, and sadly it was $400.  Chris Taylor (always the idea man) said hey, couldn't you make that yourself!  And 5 minutes later, my all-time favorite DIY project had begun! 

Here's how you can make a confetti chair fit for a queen who loves to party! 

What you need:

Acrylic Ghost Chair
Assorted Confetti
Spray Adhesive
Modge Podge
Trash Bag

I already had a pair of Ghost Chairs that were a lucky score off of amazon, around this time last year for just $165 for the pair, this was hard to beat.  Never worried to put confetti on anything, I went to work with a chair I already had.  You could buy a pair like mine here. Sit your chair on top of a trash bag to collect the confetti that is sure to fall! 

The next step is collecting your confetti!  There is never a shortage of All She Wrote Notes signature confetti around these parts, but I added some of my FAVORITE confetti from Thimblepress and Swoozies to the mix.  I shook a couple fist fulls of all three in a large plastic bag to mix it well.  



The best part about doing this on a clear chair is that you can confetti the underside, but leave the top soft and smooth.  I used spray adhesive to bond the confetti.  Chris helped me hold the chair still and we sprayed a thin layer of spray adhesive on each section of the chair.  I did the back first, then the seat.  Then, working quickly while it was still wet, I sprinkled handfuls of confetti onto the spray adhesive.  I let it dry for a couple of minutes (I am impatient) and then flipped the chair over and shook off the excess onto the trash bag.  

This whole process took me 10 minutes or less and I felt like TA-DA! We are done!  It's glorious!  I even brought it into our living room to admire it in all its glory!  A few hours later... we had lost some of our friends onto the carpet.  Over the next 24 hours more and more confetti began to fall.  I decided we would need a more permanent solution.  

Enter-- Everyone's fave craft supply, Modge Podge! 

Since lots of my confetti was still in tact, I flipped the chair over and added a generous amount of modge podge to work as a seal.  Since it dries clear, it hardens the confetti and makes it officially stuck to the acrylic.  I worked in sections and poured the Modge Podge straight from the bottle in a zig zag pattern.  I used a foam brush to gently blot the modge podge to cover up any confetti that was left behind.

I really had to be patient and not panic with this one.  Some of the MP was heavy, so it stayed white for a while.  That made me nervous, but after it dried for about 12-15 hours, it was all completely clear and the masterpiece was complete!    

Here she is!  Hands down my very favorite piece of furniture!  I hope you will make one yourself and add a little piece of party to your every day life!  If you do choose to join the confetti chair party, please tag @allshewrotenotes and use the hashtag #confettichair so I can give you ALL the heart eyes! 

I love doing confetti crafts like this Party Pumpkin back in October!  I have an entire office wall filled with confetti dots I made myself, so If you're interested, I will share that tutorial soon! 


Thanks so much for reading, y'all! 


  • Lisa @ The California Table

    Oh my gosh I LOVE this! I may have to do this to the acrylic chair in my daughter’s room. The colors are so pretty :)

  • Morgan

    Literally LOVE this! Totally going to try it :)

    @leighandmarie Instagram

  • CHeryl

    Yes!!! Share the confetti wall!!!

  • HollyMichelle

    Eeekkk!! It’s so fab!!! I hope mine turns out that good-I wonder if I can add some sparkles :)

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