Baby Tay is on the Way!

Today we are officially 17 weeks pregnant with our first little one and I wanted a place to document parts of our journey!  Since y'all are my internet family, I thought this would be a great place to start! 

pic by Anna Paschal Photography from our 1 year anniversary session. We were just barely pregnant here, but we had no idea! 

We found out we were expecting on June 7, exactly TWO days after my nephew Westyn was born and I had still yet to ever hold a newborn.  We were super excited and super surprised but God's timing is always better than our own. 

I actually stalked out my brother three days after I found out and met them at Westyn's first pediatrician appointment because I just kept thinking "I HAVE to hold a baby!"  First timer right here! They didn't suspect a thing! 


I was teaching a class that morning (minutes after I took the test) and could barely get through without spilling the secret! I hadn't even told Chris yet!  I will never ever forget this day! And how much I wish I had waited to take the test in the CUTEST bathroom ever at Palm Avenue instead of Harris Teeter, but alas, you win some and you lose some.


These sweet ladies had NO idea that I was keeping the biggest secret I had ever known! 

I cancelled all of the rest of my meetings and to-do's that day and made it to Chapel Hill because I knew exactly what I wanted to do to tell Chris.  We are die hard UNC fans, as I am sure you already know, so I bought the smallest jersey I could find and wrote him a note that said "Dad, we are going to need 3 Duke Tickets!"  Naturally our baby is DUE the week of the UNC vs. Duke game!  I am betting he/she will come early so they can be here in time to watch! Chris was SO excited! 

How I told Chris he was going to be a Dad! 

Almost immediately upon finding out, the sickness crept in.  I have hyperemesis gravidarum which is a fancy way of saying I am sick all day every day!  This is also the same sickness Kate Middleton had (mine is def less severe -- no hospital visits) so that's where the fun begins and ends.  As crazy as it sounds, for the first 12 weeks I was SUPER grateful for being sick.  It was a constant reminder that baby Tay was still in there and reminding me of what all was to come.  After we had all of our ultrasounds and checkups and heard his/her heartbeat for the first time, I was ready for the voms to take a hike!  However, they are still hanging around but I am definitely feeling better thanks to some amazing miracle drugs for nausea sent from the heavens.  

I sent Chris and my friends this pic one morning and the caption was "Cheers Y'all!" PS - Ginger Ale did nothing for me because for weeks I didn't realize how sick I actually was and couldn't figure out why ginger ale and saltines weren't the miracle cure. 

Telling our families was our favorite part so far!  We visited both sets of parents and our brothers and sisters and had fun spreading the news in a way unique to each one of them!  I wish we had videos and photos of them all! They were all THRILLED for us and so surprised!  Their reactions were hilarious. More than one set of family members actually thought we were kidding! 

As much as I LOVED having a secret that was just between us, it was super fun to let the family in on our joy and have them praying for us and baby Tay along the way!  

We announced on social media at 13-14 weeks and that was also a highlight!  The outpouring of support and well wishes was overwhelming in the best way and we felt SO loved and encouraged!  This is one kid who is already so loved! I can't wait to show him/her all of these sweet comments one day! 

So now we are 17 weeks and I am FINALLY starting to feel more like myself!  Praise the Lord!  It's so unlike me to not be able to pop a smile on my face and feel GOOD every day, so this has certainly been a challenge but it makes me so much more grateful for the good days!  I saw my grandma this week and she said "You've got that twinkle back in your eye!"  


How far along: 17 weeks

Baby size: A Turnip, A Pomegranate, and as my favorite app says, A Game Console Controller

Stretch marks: Nope!

Sleep: It's actually gotten much better.  I bought a Snoogle pillow and it has been a lifesaver! I am getting great sleep and waking up WAY less achy than I was before.  Chris works nights, so I have the bed to myself, but I haven't figured out how this huge pillow will work when he's back home Friday night! 

Maternity clothes: I finally broke down and bought a pair of maternity shorts.  I don't have a super noticeable bump yet, but my regular shorts had just gotten too tight and I was holding them up with a hair tie!  These feel amazing and I have no idea why I waited so long!  Most of the year I LIVE in colorful jeans/denim so I found two pair of maternity jeans on Poshmark and they arrived this week!  Still too big for me, but SO looking forward to wearing some color all winter!  Most of my dresses still fit, but anything with buttons has been put in it's own closet and I look forward to the spring when we meet again! 

Gender: We actually know but are keeping it secret just a little bit longer! 

Movement: None Yet

Best moment this week: Starting to look at registries, Telling our family and grandparents the gender! Calling our baby by name. 

Food cravings: Salad!  I have craved salads this whole pregnancy, oh, and cheeseburgers. It's all about balance. 

Food Aversions:  Grilled Chicken

Anything making you queasy or sick: Everything.  Smells will send me running for the hills, even if I am feeling good, the whole day can turn around with a whiff

Missing anything: I have really missed feeling good.  But I think that's getting better! 

This weekend was my 30th birthday and for the first time I really missed drinking a beer!  Chris had my favorite beer at dinner and I was like "Can you just let me smell it?".  

Symptoms: Nausea, Voms, A apparently rare rash on my face that lasted several days (including my bday! cool! ), Just starting to notice round ligament pain. 

Looking forward to: The magic of the second trimester that people talk about!! Feeling awesome again, Being able to exercise, Announcing Gender, Getting a bump, Feeling the babe move, Pretty much everything!! 


I still haven't taken a bump photo yet, but I hope to in the next few weeks!  Next time I will update y'all on if baby Tay is a boy or a girl, some nursery inspiration, my first and favorite purchases, and my business plans for the next few months! 





  • Rachel Harrell

    You are just so stinking cute. I love your whole update. I’m so very excited for you and hope you continue to feel better and better.

  • Robyn Van Dyke

    Love this post so much and so excited to meet baby Tay!! Xoxo!

  • AAbbey Roarke

    Loved reading this May! So happy you are documenting this special time and grateful to share the journey with you through your blog! Love you and wishing you the best, cheers to Baby Tay! ?

  • Allison

    Love! I’m sending you all my love (and normal tummy feelings), Maghon!

  • Kenz


    This is awesome. Cannot wait to meet and spoil BabyTay. Love you, CT and BabyTay.


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