Baby Tay's Black and White Nursery

January 15, 2017 Maghon Taylor

Decorating our sweet little babe's nursery has been one of my favorite parts of pregnancy!  Everything is fresh and clean, black and white with plenty of room for him to add his own personality in the future!  

I LOVE black and white stripes, but also found myself gravitating towards so many fun patterns and textures since literally everything matched!  

Check out these awesome photos from Anna Paschal Photography, she shot these while she was here for our Southern Weddings Home Tour and I am so blessed to be able to share them with you here! 


black and white nursery


black and white crib


SPEND vs. SAVE - Where we saved:

All of the black furniture in the nursery is actually mine from when I was a child.  I painted it black in high school and there are now two dressers in Baby Tay's room that are more than 30 years old!  I love this part of our history.  Since the color scheme was so easy to match, we were able to pull in black and white details like pillows and curtains from other rooms of the house and didn't really buy too many new decor items or frames.  We also saved on his crib, it's from Ikea!  I love the simplicity.  If you remember from our home tour, I don't like matchy match furniture and so love the collected look, so it's fun to continue the trend in his space.  


cheers y'all art printblack and white gallery wall

jelly cat animals in ikea cart

Gallery Wall art is from All She Wrote Notes (of course!) and the metal V was a lucky score at Magnolia Market on our most recent trip to Texas. These Jelly Cat Stuffed animals are my favorite because they are SO incredibly soft.  Chris and I have actually been collecting stuffed animals on our travels since we were engaged in hopes of building this very collection for our future babe. This cart is from Ikea, but I've seen something really similar at Target. 

black and white nursery crib

I painted the artwork above his crib with some of our greatest hopes, wishes and pieces of encouragement for VCT.  My original quote and life motto "Work Hard, Stay Sweet, Trust God and Love Deep" will always be prominent.  

black and white nursery chair - emily and merritt from pottery barn kids

SPEND vs. SAVE - Where we Splurged:

We splurged on the Pottery Barn Kids rocker and matching ottoman. When I first started pinning Black and White Nursery inspiration this took my breath away, and we decided to go for it, since it was one of the only pieces of furniture we needed to buy.  This was my favorite piece from the Emily and Merrit collaboration. 

It was a happy day when Pottery Barn actually featured a pic of Baby Tay's Nursery and this All She Wrote Notes Pillow on their Instagram account! That's like a small biz owner dream come true. 

black and white swaddle blankets from modern burlap and land of nod

I can't get enough black and white swaddle blankets.  These are my faves from Land of Nod and Modern Burlap. 

black and white pillows

black and white nursery

The table and lamp base were pieces we already had elsewhere in our home, and we bought the lampshade at the pottery barn outlet.  The basket was an awesome shower gift from my friend Laura that she found at Target. I think finding pieces that aren't nursery specific makes it have an extra fun vibe, and they can even repurposed later around the house. 


Sorry I got behind on these, but Chris Taylor took this photo today and it blew me away how close we are.  


How far along: 36 weeks, 3 days

Baby size: A Large Cantaloupe, a cabbage patch doll, or my favorite, a Chihuahua

Stretch marks: oh yes

Sleep: I had to ditch my beloved Snoogle pillow around 31 weeks because it just got to  be too much as a grew, but it was still tremendously helpful from 15 weeks.  It's SO hard to roll over in bed and I am now constantly getting up to pee.  I also have trouble actually falling asleep, but once I am out, I am out, and I am really grateful for that.  We are still diffusing Lavender Essential Oil every night. 

Maternity clothes: Not really maternity, but LIVING in my Lululemon leggings! STILL.  These are seriously my favorite.  I love the Naked Sensation ones which are seriously so comfortable and feel like butter!  I have also recently purchased some nursing tanks and love wearing those under cardigans.  I wear this shirt all the time (duh).  And my friends at Pink Blush Maternity actually sent me this amazing black and white robe in the photo AND an adorable swing dress that I can't wait to wear on a date night soon! We better hurry.  Cute maternity clothes really do help me feel more like myself in this season and I love pairing a maternity piece with something non-maternity. 

Gender: sweet baby BOY

Movement: Lots and Lots.  And it's getting way more distinct.  

Best moment this week: Wrapping up his nursery with Chris

Food cravings: Still Salads, Still Cheeseburgers, I have always been lactose intolerant and suddenly ice cream doesn't hurt my stomach.  I plan on taking advantage of that for the foreseeable future. 

Food Aversions:  I don't feel sick anymore, praise Jesus!  I haven't thrown up since Thanksgiving when I was about 30 weeks.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, I was sick every single day for 30 weeks, but it's gone, y'all!  These past six weeks have been the best of my entire pregnancy!  

Missing anything: I finally feel amazing!  SO much more like myself and I am just over the moon grateful for that.  A lot of people say this stage of pregnancy is super uncomfortable, and I get that physically but y'all, its 1,000 times better than non-stop voms, so I will take it and run with it!  

Symptoms: Still a little bit of heartburn, but my doctor recommended Prilosec once every 24 hours, and that has worked wonders to help contain it and stay ahead of it.  I am feeling more and more achy and sore and my ankles were swollen for the first time last night.  I have physical symptoms but seriously it's so much better than throwing up that I can't even bring myself to complain.  I just want to turn cartwheels I am so happy to be feeling better. 

Looking forward to: Meeting him!  Y'all its so soon!  He will be here in less than four weeks.  I am taking a breast feeding class next week and looking forward to some fun dates and last-chance-before-we-are-parents adventures with Chris.  


cute maternity clothes



 Thanks so much for reading and following along with our journey!  We so greatly appreciate your encouragement and prayers.  I plan on sharing our shower details with y'all soon!  It was quite the fiesta!

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  • MaryCatherine

    Jan 16, 2017

    Maghon, you are amazing! Creativity just flows out all the time. Enjoy the next 4 weeks, cuz life is going to change in a big way?. Hugs, MC

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