Buy The Ticket - Hop on the Plane - Hug some Necks

Conferences and Retreats have CHANGED THE GAME for me and my business since I first started attending in 2013.  Now I am honored to be an accomplished conference speaker and get to travel the USA learning from the leading ladies in my creative field.  I am constantly asked if it's "worth it" to invest in conferences and every single time I will tell you YASSSSSS.  

As long as God continues to trust me with amazing opportunities like this, I will say YES every single time. If you ever WISH you could meet someone or wish you could mark something off your bucket list, stop wishing and start DOING, sister! ✅ 🎉

Buy the ticket, hop on the plane, walk through the door, shake some hands and hug some necks! 
LIFE is a party and you ARE Invited! All you have to do is say YES! Nothing beats an IN PERSON connection.  I am still friends with girls I met YEARS ago at conferences and retreats.  

The list of business opportunities and relationships that have come out of me simply showing up include MY BOOK DEAL with Dayspring, partnerships with Studio Calico, Features in Southern Weddings, Countless Podcast Interviews, Product Collaborations, Licensing Opportunities and endless speaking invitations. 

Some of my favorite experiences in no particular order have been 

Inspired Retreat in Nashville with Amber Housley

Making Things Happen in Chapel Hill with Lara Casey

Ignite your Soul Summit with Amber Lilleystrom

Becoming Conference with Jen Schmidt (most affordable!)

Creative at Heart with Kat Schmoyer

School of Styling with Kaitlyn Holland

Society for Creative Founders (Formerly Stationery Academy)

also love looking for local chamber events and women's symposiums. 

Some that are on my bucket list but I haven't attended quite yet are

Alt Summit

Create and Cultivate


Business Boutique

The Savvy Experience with Heather Crabtree

She Loves Color

Pinners Conference

an experience for marketing books for authors (any recs?)

Have YOU attended a conference or experience? What one is at the top of your bucket list?  


inspired retreat photos by Anna Filly Robbins

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