Do you need some happy mail? 💌

Hey, y’all!

You may not believe this but shipping is my “happy place.” Yes, for real!

Did you know that I personally pack every single order with care and confetti? ✨

Over the years I’ve had extra hands when my mom visits or a sweet friend volunteers on a busy launch, but in this season of life and business, it’s mostly just me! Until recently, when I added Jenn as my business manager and extra set of happy hands. 

I loved shipping when my warehouse was the bonus room in my home, and I REALLY love it 😍 now that I have a roomy, beautiful studio in Gibsonville, North Carolina.

It’s a fun experience when you get to share the products that you made (and love yourself!) with others -- especially since you know it’s going to put a smile on someone’s face. 

Who doesn’t love receiving a package oozing with happiness and positivity?

It’s just as fun to give as it is to receive, and I truly enjoy shipping your happy mail 💌 all across the world. 

I have to laugh when I get emails addressed to my “team” or “you guys” because It's mostly just me! 😂

If you received happy mail and loved it, that’s on me. YAY! 🎉

And, well, if you hated it -- that’s also my fault. Yep, that email comes right to me and ruins my day. 😱 😭 Fortunately, those emails are few and far between! 

Y’all, this talk about shipping out happy mail has me in the mood to pack and ship! 

Why not shop online today and get some happy mail headed your way? I promise to pack it with plenty of care and confetti!

That's all she wrote! 

P.S. Click here to pack an order with me! 

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