Hey, LETTERER! 😊 Do you know the difference??

Hey, y’all! 

In all of my hand lettering and calligraphy that I do, my passion just POURS out onto the paper! (Just like confetti! 🎉)

However, one of the biggest questions I get asked by aspiring letterers is……

What is the difference between hand lettering and calligraphy? 

And, I just LOVE to answer that question! 

Here is what each one means to me: 

Calligraphy is the real deal! You’ve seen it in the movies, John Hancock style with a quill!  The pointed metal tipped pen dipped into a jar of ink, and the letterer produces captivating swirls and curls. Well….that’s real life too! 

Calligraphy is solely done with a metal dip pen. With that magical 🌈pen, I have developed a modern and whimsical style that spreads my personality across the page with each stroke! 

When I teach classes on calligraphy, you learn all the basics of the pointed pen, the science behind how it works, proper pen positioning, and so much more - so that YOU too can grow into your own unique calligraphy style! ✍🏻

And now onto hand lettering! 

I lovingly refer to hand-lettering as falligraphy (faking calligraphy). Let me explain!😅

When I teach hand lettering, we use alllllll of the amazing writing utensils - Sharpies, chalk, and markers to recreate the effect of calligraphy. 

The d                                                                         rokes are thinned to mimic calligraphy.
          o                                                                    t
            w                                                              s
              n                                                          p
                 strokes are thickened and the u

(Sorry, sometimes I do wish I could handwrite even my emails! 😅 Gotta sneak the movement of words in somewhere in here!) 

The kicker? Hand lettering can be done with a wide variety of utensils and surfaces far beyond that metal pen! This opens up a whole world of different fonts, styles and techniques that become unique to the letterer. 

In my hand lettering classes, we dive into all of my own techniques, favorite supplies and tips and tricks of the hand lettering trade! 

Both calligraphy and hand lettering allows me to express my LOVE for handwriting, and use my God-given talent for good - to spread joy and skill to letterers just like you! 💖

Wanna see more of what I can teach you? 

Of all my seven styles, I am most known for my swirly, curly signature calligraphy script, but lately, my favorite to write is this paintbrush party! Click here for a clip of my writing in action! 

That's all she wrote! 

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