Introducing Betty Confetti

Betty Confetti by Maghon Taylor
An Inspirational Story about God at Work


An upbeat, fun-to-read children's story about how God creates beauty from our mistakes.

We all make mistakes. What's important is how we respond when we do. In this charming little story about Betty, we get to watch as her best efforts in art class don't quite measure up to her expectations. But does that mean Betty hangs her head low, never to bounce back again? Absolutely not. In this playful, fun storybook, children will learn they can give their mistakes and imperfections to God, and He will make something beautiful out of them-maybe even something as beautiful and fun as confetti! Betty Confetti breaks the myth of perfection and instills in children the foundational truth that even when we mess up, God is still working in our lives, and our stories aren't over because:

God walks our journeys with us, He knows us the very best,
Even when we make mistakes, He doesn't love us any less.

So next time you mess up in life, don't run and hide your face,
Turn your mess into confetti, friend, give yourself some grace.


Autographed copies are available exclusively through All She Wrote Notes, but copies are available wherever books are sold. 


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