It all starts with a vision…


Part of being human is experiencing growing pains in one way or another… and I’m no exception! 

For almost a decade I operated All She Wrote Notes out of my home, and I loved it. But I eventually had to come to the realization that I was just plain out of space.

All She Wrote Notes had taken over my home and spilled into my bonus room, garage, guest room, dining room, front porch, and even my kitchen. 

My husband, Chris, has been an absolute saint for putting up with this -- and all of the confetti!

So, moving All She Wrote Notes to a larger space was clearly a necessity. Plus, I really needed more of a separation between work and home for better balance in my life 😜. 

So, I purchased a 2,000 square foot warehouse in beautiful Gibsonville, North Carolina, and set to work renovating it with my dad (thanks, dad!).

Moving to this new location opened up worlds of possibility:

🌈 Warehouse

The back of the studio serves as the warehouse where I’ll ship each and every order from with care and confetti. Sending out happy mail fills me with joy! 

We specialize in paper goods, party supplies, and positivity 😃. 

🌈 Classroom

I created a special place to host all of my hand lettering and calligraphy classes. It’s a delightful destination for you to come and learn (and I hope you will! Gibsonville is a great place to visit.)

🌈 Store

If you ever attend All She Wrote Notes for a class, you’ll be able to shop before or afterward. I also plan to be open to the public periodically, but the days and times for that will be limited. 

You can shop our online offerings in-store along with a few studio exclusive items and some of my favorite pieces from other brands as well.

I feel truly grateful and blessed to have this space for All She Wrote Notes to call home. It’s truly a special place!

Why don’t you stop by my Facebook and Instagram (mostly on stories or with the hashtag #aswnstudio) to see the transformational journey of the All She Wrote Notes studio for yourself?? 

That's all she wrote! 


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