Just be YOU (everyone else is taken)!

Hey, y’all!

Have you ever struggled with blending into the crowd instead of being true to yourself? 

I think everyone experiences this at one time or another. I know I have! 🙋‍♀️

Back in 2013 when I did my first craft show, can you believe that all of my items were BROWN?? 

That’s pretty hard to imagine, right?

Kraft paper and burlap were such a thing then, and… I felt the pressure. I thought I had to follow that trend in order to be a southern success story.

I HID AWAY all of my rainbows 🌈 and neons💛 for the first few months of my business because I was trying to fit into a style that was not 100% true to me. 

Aside from a few pink touches, I was trying to blend in instead of letting myself stand out.

I couldn’t hide it for long though 😀. I started slowly adding glitter backgrounds and then hot pink paper with gold calligraphy. 

One thing led to another and by the next show the following year All She Wrote Notes had made quite the colorful transformation! 

When I stopped trying to dim my light and embraced all of my rainbows 🌈, piñatas, and confetti, that’s when the All She Wrote Notes that you know today really took shape.

The All She Wrote Notes that you see today is ME through and through! I stopped apologizing for being too extra, too loud, too smiley, and too much. 

The world just needs you to... BE YOU!!!

Don’t dim your light if you’re a shiny soul but also don’t feel like you have to sparkle if that’s not your vibe.

There’s room for all of us! 

Gosh, I love y’all 🥰! That's all she wrote! 


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