Maghon’s Favorite Things 2018

I work hard, but I shop pretty hard too! 😂 Chris and I don’t exchange presents but these are a few goodies I’ve bought for MYSELF this year that I wanted to share!  Here are my top 10 favorite purchases of 2018

In no particular order:
1. Rothys | If you watched my comparison with Rothys vs, Tieks, I am in LOVE! I am on my third pair and I have the leopard loafers, flamingo pink and lemon drop yellow!  They are SO stylish, comfy and machine washable. I recommend sizing a half size up.  Here’s a coupon to save $20! 
2. Oh Joy Luggage | Talk about happy travels!! I travel a lot for work and these happy suitcases made each trip even more fun! I even have the hat box which is perfect for an overnight trip. also bought the packing cubes which I highly recommend! 
3. BURST Tooth Brush | This was one of those Facebook purchases gone RIGHT! I bought the white one for less than $50 and fell in love! Feels just like the dentist, but from home!  I came back for rose gold, because PINK!  Also, it legit stays charged forever! 
4. Kendra Scott Ellie Studs | I bought these in the spring and wear them every day! They are my go-to earrings and come in SO many colors! 
5. Boot Camp | After a post-partum year of felling less than confident in my body, I started attending boot camps in July! I attended a local one at Complete Fitness but gave Burn Boot Camp a try when they opened one by my house in November.  I am SO glad I did! Amazing workouts, high fives galore and free childcare.  I can already see results and I can’t wait for next year! If you sign up in Burlington, Tell them Maghon sent you! 
6. Lake Pajamas | Prob the opposite of Burn Boot Camp, but I LOVE relaxing in a bubble bath and then putting on THESE comfy pajamas! They are a bit of a splurge but I treated myself to a pair early this year and then went wild on Black Friday! My fave style is this one, but I bought the long pants for winter.  
7. Drybar Blow Dryer + Curling Iron | I have been searching for the perfect hair dryer and this is it! Love it so much I asked my parents for the mini travel one for Christmas.  Also a huge superfan of their curling iron and hair products — especially dry shampoo, detangler and all of the southern belle line.  
7.5 Highlights | What took me so long? I highlighted my hair for the first time this year! I’m 32! Pregnancy/Aging/Whatever left my hair SO much darker than it has ever been my whole life and I really missed by natural blonde highlights!  I went for it after much despair in August and I’m DYEing over them! I feel so much more like myself! Wish I had done this 2 years ago! 
8. She Reads Truth Bible | First of all it’s GORGEOUS, second of all it’s so easy to understand!  Love this version and especially love the ladies I am lucky enough to study it with every month! 
9. Apple AirPods | I cant keep up with cords and am the most uncoordinated runner already so these have been a life saver! I use them for running but my fave Mom Hack is listening to podcasts or audible books in my ears when I’ve had enough Puppy Dog Pals! Impressed by their charge and sound! 
10. Anti-Aging Skincare | This is sad to even type but I am getting older, wrinkles are popping up and people LOOK AT MY FACE everyday!  I feel so much more confident after creating a regular skincare routine and have seen major improvements.  I wear all of their makeup too
Plus one more! 
11. A FUN raincoat! | I hate rainy days, y’all! But I think having a cute raincoat makes all the difference!  I bought this beauty from Little Details earlier this year and I actually get excited when it rains so that I have a reason to wear it!  I bought the black and white Gingham since my whole wardrobe is colorful! It’s the perfect match! Use this coupon for 10% off 
Edited to add: I have paid my own cash money for each of these but some contain affiliate links and coupon codes.  I love every single thing here and would buy them all again tomorrow! 

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