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I get questions all the time asking how I do it all.  While my first answer is that I don't!  I am quick to follow that up with the fact that I am very intentional about my time.  Since Vance has joined the party, I am actually in the office three days a week now as opposed to 5-6 days pre-baby.  We have an amazing child care provider who even helps me out in the shop from time to time and my parents come and watch Vance on Thursday nights so that I can spread happiness through my handwriting all across the state.  

powersheets from cultivate what matters

With my time more limited than ever, it's amazing that I actually feel MORE productive than I did before.  I started using my friend Lara Casey's Powersheets in 2015, and those of you that have been around for a while may remember that's where I first uncovered "Work Hard, Stay Sweet, Trust, God and Love Deep"  My Life Motto. This past year I purchased the yearly workbook and it has been an absolute game changer.  

I was doing my 2018 Powersheets prep work in December of last year and I was journaling and praying through the pages. So many thoughts and fears and worries filled those pages but without even realizing it, I wrote - "Maghon, God gave you this business AND this baby."  I felt an overwhelming peace about everything that was to come and knowing that God was in all of this and he wasn't going anywhere. 

Each month of this year, I have consistently set up my Powersheets -- These are a goal setting companion.  They help get past the daily "to-do's" and get straight to the heart of the matter.  The WHY becomes abundantly clear and it has helped me get laser focused in all areas of my life.  Not just my business.  You can track your progress each month and also journal your thoughts and challenges as well as lots of gratitude for the people in your life who are helping you get to where you want to go. 

Lara Casey has been an incredible friend and mentor to me since we first met at Making Things Happen and I am thrilled for her and her team.  They continue to get better year after year and pour their heart and soul into these pages.  

making things happen

This year I purchased the yearly goal planner in white.  There are also six month options available in poppy pink, teal and white. One of my favorite additions was the Cultivate What Matters STICKER BOOK! It actually comes as a package in the Powersheets Bundle which is the same book that I have plus a lot more. 


If you are in a season where you feel overwhelmed with school work, mama duties, work responsibilities, or simply running a family and a business.  Whatever season you may be in, I believe these can help.  Powersheets help you sift through a million to-do's to find and achieve what really matters.  A year from now, you will wish you started today.  

This post contains affiliate links to Cultivate What Matters.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Photos of CWM products by Gina Zeidler. 


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