My Vision for the All She Wrote Notes Studio

Is it a warehouse? An Office? A classroom? A shop?  Well, yes to all of those!  


My primary purpose for purchasing my new studio in Gibsonville was to move my business out of our house.  As we've happily grown and expanded over the past 8 years, we've officially run out of space.  All She Wrote Notes has spilled over into our bonus room, garage, guest room, dining room and on most delivery days, our front porch and kitchen too!  God Bless Chris Taylor and all the confetti he's put up with!  

We are relocating to a 2,000 square foot warehouse I've bought and am currently working to renovate with my Dad.  The back of the studio is our All She Wrote Notes warehouse where I'll ship each and every online order (from with care and confetti every day.  My office will move to Gibsonville too, and I'm hopeful for a better separation of work and home.  

The next thing I am most excited for is teaching my hand lettering and calligraphy classes HERE in town.  I've traveled the southeast for the past 7 years on a mission to spread happiness through my handwriting and I've been blessed to teach more than 10,000 people through my art.  I've taught in some of the best and brightest boutiques around and I am SO honored and excited to finally create my own space.  In this season of V's life and my business, I feel called closer to home and I will be parked and partying with my classes exclusively in this location for the foreseeable future.  Depending on how our summer tour goes, we may do a couple road trips each year, but I am shifting from traveling every week to teaching in my own town and making my new studio a delightful destination for you to come and learn! 

Lastly, I wasn't ever planning on having a store front.  I worked in retail for YEARS (my favorite job at Swoozies) but since I am such a small business, I didn't feel like I could commit to be open "regular hours" every day like a traditional storefront.  When I get to meet you, I want you to have ALL of me and my attention, and didn't want to feel distracted or pulled in a bunch of different directions, so we've landed on a creative solution.  I will be open for shopping Saturdays on the first Saturday of every month.  If you're ever here for a class, you can shop before/after, too! 

There's nothing quite like a summer Saturday in Gibsonville when the train is running at the Garden Railroad.  My hope is that you'll make the trip and while you're shopping with us, you can also visit some of my favorite downtown coffee shops, restaurants and merchants too. 

The shop will primarily carry my All She Wrote Notes collections we sell online now, with a few studio exclusive items and some of my favorite things from other brands that I personally own sprinkled in.  I also plan to invite and showcase other small businesses that I've come to know and love through occasional pop up events on our shop days.  We have lots of local customers who have been picking up their online orders from my front porch in Elon for years, so I am super excited to have a more "official" spot for them to come, now. 

I have SO many ideas and dreams for this place, but mostly just praying I can brighten my corner and be a blessing in my local community.  

Since my Dad and I are doing most of the construction work ourselves, we don't have an official opening date, but we are making slow and steady progress and giving God the glory the whole way.  I bought it in August of 2020 and the way it's looking we will be finishing up after the one year mark of ownership.  Tentatively, I thinkkkk I will be able to move in this Fall just in time to ship out Holiday orders and then open for classes and Shopping Saturdays early next year! 

Stay tuned for the latest updates and follow our progress on Facebook and Instagram (mostly on stories) or with the hashtag #aswnstudio

studio photos by Traci Huffman, Carfetti® photo by Megan Travis

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