Nice to meet you! Here’s how it all started💕

Hey, y’all!

Everybody’s got a story, and I think it’s so important to share your story.

That’s how the world becomes a much smaller space full of friends and acquaintances instead of strangers!

Today, it’s my turn to share the story of how All She Wrote Notes got its start -- and it definitely didn’t start with some fancy business plan or lofty financial goals.

Quite the opposite really. I was just doing what I enjoyed, and it blossomed from there.

What started one night at book club with a single set of calligraphy note cards has grown into a national brand that spreads happiness 🌈 and sunshine ☀️ every day! 

I still can’t believe it! I mean, come on, I opened up my Etsy shop on an iPhone 4, y’all!

How lucky am I that my job gets to be making people’s days a little bit brighter by doing and sharing what I love? 

And, of course, I have to mention Betty Confetti! Watching kids read my Betty Confetti books has been such an honor! 

Teaching children that they are much more than their mistakes and imperfections has been a highlight of my life. 

Did you know that I *literally* make confetti out of my mistakes, too? It's true!

There’s confetti 🎉 on my floor, coffee in my cup ☕ and happiness in my heart 💗 -- and for that, I am truly grateful. 

Yes, I made my share of mistakes along the way, but the part of the plan that includes having fun and embracing joy still seems to be working out pretty well, so I’m going to stick with that!

Do you want to keep this party going?? I’d love to connect with you on whichever platform you prefer… or all of them!!! 

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That's all she wrote!  


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