Our Cute and FUNctional Family Calendar

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is "How do you do it all?"  If you've known me for any length of time, you likely remember my answer is that I don't!  At least not without a lot of help!  Staying organized with an in-home business, employees, childcare and CT and I running every which way, Our Happy Everything Calendar from Coton Colors has been a lifesaver! 

One of my most frequently asked questions on Instagram is "Where did you get that cute calendar?"  Well, here she is, y'all! 

One of my favorite monthly tasks is actually erasing last month ( I snap a quick picture before I do -- just for memories) and pulling out all of my attachments to map out our upcoming month.  I use my paper Simplified Planner for work, but I tend to keep it upstairs, so it's great to have a big visual of what all we've got going on!  This thing is never empty!

We keep track of all of my business travel, any important meetings I will be out of the house for, Chris's golf trips and outside plans as well as childcare for Vance and doctor/vet appointments for all of us.  This is also where I note our weekend plans and it helps me keep my goal of only one non-family weekend plan each weekend.  

A big goal of mine was to be home more than I have been in the past, and while I am not quite there yet, this helps me see where I have overcommitted so that I won't do that again next month!  

I purchased the large calendar for downstairs (pictured here) in 2016, but I also have the smaller one upstairs in my studio.  I definitely recommend this larger version for a family or household with a lot of moving parts like mine.  The attachments have a velcro back, but you can buy magnets to attach them to the calendar.  I love this feature because I can also repurpose those same attachments on my other cotton colors bases.  I use these Expo Dry erase markers that have an attachable magnet to write everything.  As much as I love color, I prefer writing in all black to keep everything uniform and let the attachments be the pop of color everywhere.  

Even though our calendar is the most FUNctional piece of this collection that I own, I also have the flower vase, the mini Happy Everything Platter, a frame and the soap dispenser.  I have purchased all of these or they were gifts from friends but the ones I use the most are definitely the platter and the calendar.  I look forward to changing them out on the first of every month like I do the calendar. 


My attachment collection is quickly growing out of control (it's addictive) but when Coton Colors reached out and offered to send me a surprise gift, I jumped at the chance to preview their new spring attachments.  They sent FIVE beauties that are already being put to work around our home!  I got the Congrats, Suitcase, At the Beach, Lemon and Dinner Plate.  Other ones that I have purchased and use ALL the time are the birthday cake/hat, pinata, and it seems like we Taylors always have a football or basketball on there somewhere!  We even use the golf club attachment for CT's adventures.  

Since I am already using the dry erase marker, I often write the Bday's Name on the attachment itself and then wipe it off next month!  I do that on the baby carriage too for all of my friend's due dates and showers. 

This post is NOT sponsored by Coton Colors, and even though they were SO kind to send these as a surprise, I LOVE this brand and have purchased SO many pieces for myself and as gifts for my mom, sister-in-law and friends.  Almost all the women in my family swap attachments each holiday. 

Not only can  you buy these online directly through Happy Everything/Coton Colors, LOTS of my favorite stores and boutiques that I teach lettering classes at carry CC too!  Swoozies, Dragonflies and most recently Thanks a Latte has joined the party, so be on the lookout.  

My FAVORITE new item is their Celebrate Every Day Book where you write down your favorite moment of each day (takes 30 seconds tops!) I just got mine and already flipped back through my phone to add past memories.  One night I stayed up past 2am just reminiscing and writing down little things on dates that I knew by heart.  This is a treasure and quickly becoming one of my post prized possessions.  I am pretty sure Jack Pearson had one of these in the bag he rescued.  Just sayin'.

I get at least one instagram message every week about "Where did you get your wall calendar?" or "Which memory book are you always talking about" and I am hoping this post will be super helpful for those on the hunt.  Happy Everything!  

that's all she wrote, 

Love, Maghon


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