What do mistakes and CONFETTI🎉 have in common??


If you know me by now, you know that I am just a ✨tad✨passionate about confetti!😂

But with good reason! 

It represents a lot of life lessons for me. 

That’s why I felt led to turn it into a story. 🌈

Betty Confetti is that story.

The words that are in this story are the words I needed as a little girl. I was high strung on perfectionism. Even ‘great’ wasn’t good enough - I needed to be the best and do my best in all areas of life. I struggled with this in certain areas even into adulthood. 

Chasing perfection is an exhausting way to live, and never got me very far, but chasing joy --- now, that’s totally been worth my time! I finally learned to loosen my grip of control enough to enjoy every step of the journey.

Betty learns that same lesson. In the story, Betty LOVES to create, but sometimes her creations don’t turn out how she imagined them. She makes a lot of mistakes, but decides for herself that those mistakes don’t define her! Her mistakes can even turn into something BETTER than what she originally imagined! 🤩

You will witness Betty Confetti grow as an artist as she learns to turn her mistakes into something b-e-a-youuuuu-tiful! 

In her journey, she falls, gives herself grace and gets back up and tries again! This endurance inspires her friends and teacher that you can turn your mistakes into confetti! 

I can relate to Betty in my daily life BIG TIME. I either spell a word wrong or write a not-so-good letter just like her. However, early in my handwriting journey, I told myself, “Making a mess means I’m trying.”  🙌

I am reminded of how confetti came to mean SO MUCH to me! 

It happened in my own life story when I had just completed a particularly difficult job. I was putting my scrap paper through my shredder. What happened next was a total GOD MOMENT

In the bottom of my shredder, my scrap paper bits had transformed into the most beautiful…..you guessed it…..CONFETTI! 🎉

My mistakes had literally turned into confetti! 

We will all go through challenges in life, but it’s what we choose to learn from them that will really help us grow. 

And remember….we are never too young OR old to make some confetti! 

Did Betty’s story resonate with you? You can get a signed copy here

Before you grab your copy, you can join me for a special read-aloud of Betty Confetti right here!

Thanks so much for being here with me on this handwriting AND soul journey. 💖

That's all she wrote! 


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