Why a pencil? ✏️


One of the most important designs that a business must decide on is… the sign that hangs on their building announcing who they are to all the world, of course!

I mean can you imagine McDonald’s without their big red and yellow sign with the golden arches? Or, Target without its red and white iconic bullseye? No way!

So, when I had to design a sign to hang on All She Wrote Notes’ new home, it was a big decision. Fortunately, it was also an easy decision 😉.

It had to be a pencil because it’s the most iconic classic writing tool, plus, it fills middle school Maghon’s heart 💖 with gleeful nostalgia.

It all stems back to Bethany School and the little supply closet turned “student store” with the Dutch door (you know, the kind where you can open just the top part of the door).

That little student store was run by the 7th-grade student council volunteers, and it was literally my dream job to work there. I spent my whole middle school career vying for this opportunity!

#goals, right?!

Well, before that day came, my dad would occasionally give me $5 spending money, and I’d lay awake the night before like it was CHRISTMAS!

I couldn’t get to sleep because I was thinking about how I was going to spend my money the next day on an assortment of pencils ✏️, notebooks 📔, and erasers. It still gives me goosebumps!

That kind of adrenaline high is what helped me fill the void between Scholastic Book Fairs -- which I still believe is the ultimate shopper’s paradise! 

Those are exactly the vibes I’m going for when you shop at All She Wrote Notes!

Even though I don’t actually hand-letter with a pencil very much anymore (I’m a Sharpie or Crayola girl), I love that it’s a constant pink and yellow reminder that it’s okay to make mistakes.

Come to think of it, eraser dust was probably the first kind of confetti 🎉 that I ever experienced! How fitting is that?

I really love that when people drive by my All She Wrote Notes studio, they will instantly think, “ I bet she writes stuff in there.”

And they’re right!

Now, how would you like a peek at the All She Wrote Notes studio transformation 🚧? Just click here to be transported to my Instagram post and swipe over to see the 12+ month process!

That's all she wrote! 

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