You do YOU!

You don’t have to be anybody but YOURSELF. 

But, sometimes the world 🌎 sends us another message, and we lose our way. I know because it happened to me.

Somewhere along the way, I lost the confidence that I had as a kid to wear exactly what I loved. 

I vividly remember a middle school stint where I was a big Clarissa Explains It All fan (starring Melissa Joan Hart on Nickelodeon, remember?) and wore flannel and work boots on loop.

Plus, there was also a time when basketball jerseys were actual middle school attire. Nope, not on the team, just a big Grant Hill fan! 😂

But then something changed. As an adult, I was once told by a well meaning superior that I needed to wear more black and “be less happy” 😕 so people would take me more seriously in my professional career. 

Soon after All She Wrote Notes began, I found my footing. Now, I feel more like myself than I have since I was a kid! 

That experience of briefly “losing myself” led to the creation of some awesome All She Wrote Notes products though.
As a result, I lettered the phrase “Be Happy 🌈 Be Bright 🌟 Be YOU 🎉” as my reminder to wear the bright colors, the rainbow nails, and the pink lipstick without hesitation. 

This phrase and other happy sayings can always be found in the All She Wrote Notes store.           

Now that my outsides match my insides, I don’t worry -- too much -- about being “too much” anymore. 

I’m happy, I’m bright, I’m ME! 

Give it a try for yourself,  I promise it’s fun! And if you need a reminder of your own, just pick up your own happy item 😀.      

Let’s get some happy mail headed your way soon! 

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