You don’t always have to be ready -- I’m proof! 😃

Hey, y’all!

Have you ever just jumped in and tried something even if you thought you weren’t ready for it

🙋‍♀️That’s exactly what I did on August 13, 2013, when I opened up my Instagram account and posted a set of calligraphy note cards for sale online.

I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t “good enough”, and I sure didn’t have a plan, but holy smokes I AM SO HAPPY I DID. 🙌

I don’t even want to imagine my life without All She Wrote Notes -- or all of you! I am forever grateful that it all worked out the way that it did.

So many amazing things have happened as a result of taking that initial leap of faith:

🌈 I bought the All She Wrote Notes studio and brightened our little corner

🌈 I’ve launched three books out into the world: Happy Hand LetteringBetty Confetti and 100 Days of Praise and Positivity

🌈 My colorful gift collections are on gift shop shelves nationwide

🌈 I was able to hire my first official helper (my forever friend, Jenn, who makes my life better!)

🌈 I’ve been able to tour and bring happiness through my handwriting across the Southeast

I could not have done any of this without your support. I will never take it for granted a day in my life. Thanks for following, for buying, for sharing, and for supporting! 

And all of this support just encourages me to keep creating! I’m literally astounded by what All She Wrote Notes is able to offer these days:

😃 Apparel (from hats to shirts to pajamas!)

😃 Holiday Items (totes to coffee mugs to gifts and more! A little bit of everything!)

😃 CARfetti (car magnets galore and even a saucy sauce holder for your car!)

😃 Drinkware (something to hold your liquids -- coffee, water, wine, whatever!)

😃 Life Motto (a collection with my words to live by: Work Hard, Stay Sweet, Trust God, Love Deep)

😃 Office + School (notebooks, and planners, and pouches -- oh my! AND much more!)

😃 Personalized Gifts (signed book copies, address stamps, envelope addressing)

😃 Stickers (colorful, fun STICKERS y’all! Individual or sets!)

😃 Jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces -- you name it!)

With this many choices, you’re sure to find just the right something for yourself, family, AND a friend! 

Just imagine blessing a loved one with a gift that is colorful, positive, and fun. They will be as happy to receive it as you are to give it to them!

Plus, you get the added benefit of supporting a small business -- All She Wrote Notes (and us!). YAY!

If you’re looking for something that’s truly special, fun, and unique, you’ve got to check out All She Wrote Notes

That's all she wrote

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