There's nothing I love more than actually having the time to drink my coffee from a real mug.  It means that I am not in a hurry and I've got time to sip and savor every minute just hanging around at home before the chaos of the day really kicks in.  For years, I went back and forth about making coffee mugs with calligraphy, but I was encouraged at the end of 2015 by one of my sweet retailers who owns Thanks a Latte, my favorite coffee shop.  Not only do they carry All She Wrote Notes products, but they make the BEST cup of coffee I've ever had!  So if anyone knows thier way around a coffee mug, it's these ladies.  

This collection is three of my favorite phrases, my life motto and original quote I wrote for the first time in 2013-- Work Hard, Stay Sweet, Trust God and Love Deep, and celebrate today, which reminds us to celebrate the life we've been given.  The third "I love Jesus a Latte" is a mashup of the jesus and coffee craze, and a tribute to my sweet friends at Thanks a Latte who encouraged me to make these beauties in the first place. 

I hope you will enjoy this collection! 

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