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Maghon Taylor favorites

The last time I wrote this post was in 2018 (and I still stand by all those purchases) so we are long overdue for a Maghon’s faves list!  I work hard and I shop hard, although much less in 2020 than in previous years.  Everything here was purchased with my own cash dollars, and none of these recommendations are sponsored in any way — but if any of these brands want to send a girl some gifts... holla at me!!   Chris and I don’t exchange presents with each other, so I am often in the spirit of "Treat Yo Self.” Here are 12 of my all time favorite purchases this year! 


1. Rothys- I don’t really wear any other shoes. I own more pairs than I care to admit, but I LIVE in these, y’all. Loafers are my most comfortable (worn to DISNEY WORLD multiple times), followed by sneakers, then points and rounded toes. I love them all.  There’s no break in period and they are machine washable. They also have the best customer loyalty program I’ve seen. Colors sell out quickly, so if you see one you love, don’t delay! Use this coupon code for $20 off

2. Kendra Scott Jewelry Box - This one is a splurge but I use it every single day. It keeps all my colorful jewels organized and in my view so I can easily rotate through my collection and wear all the pairs.  The lacquer white is SO sleek and I think it will last for a longgg time.  Side Note: Fave Jewelry Brands:  The Tiny Tassel, Shop Treasure Jewels, Audra Style, Moon and Lola, Dayleigh Words and Kendra Scott.  PLUS some of my fave statement rings have come from TJ Maxx! 

3. Peloton - This is a 2020 purchase if I’ve ever seen one.  I have the Mirror and really enjoyed it, but have lent it to a friend recently because as soon as I got the Peloton, I never went back.  I love the app, I love the music, the community and the positivity.  Chris was the one really wanting us to buy it, and he’s ridden it 12 times since April! I am about to hit #200!  We bought used (via FB Marketplace) but I’ve convinced three other friends to join me and we love riding together virtually.  If a bike isn’t in the cards for you right now, their regular workout app is amazing too!  PS my leaderboard name is all_she_rode (of course it is!) if you want to follow along.  My referral code for $100 is YFFCCX. 

4. The Jesus Bible - To be fair, my FAVORITE new bible is absolutely the one I made in collaboration with my friends at King Folk Co (we will print them again in 2021) BUT, I bought this one earlier in the year and I really enjoy reading the commentary throughout.  It’s more essay format than regular verses (verses are there too, its just a supplement) and I feel like its the easiest to understand that I’ve personally experienced.  If you’re keeping track, yes I’ve bought 3 bibles in 3 years! I love the Lord, what can I say?!  Also, this cover art is by Britt Bass who is one of my favorites! 

5. Confetti Caus Steel Tumbler - Now this one feels like I’m voting for myself, but so be it! I LOVE THIS CUP!  Not only is the confetti pattern happy and fun, it makes me drink more water than ever, especially when I pair it with a stainless steel straw.  I own about 20 water cups but this one is my favorite. The best part is, 25% of proceeds benefit Make a Wish. 

6. Lake Pajamas - These are back on the list for the second time because I continue to wear them and love them! I haven’t really strayed to try other PJ brands, but their Black Friday sale is hard to beat.  I size up to XL just to feel loose and comfy, plus they are cotton and I toss them in the dryer.  I just bought 2 more pairs on sale.  

7. Pura - This is my most recent purchase (about a month ago) but I am already a huge fan. I LOVE a good smelling home and this lets you control the scent from your phone and alternate the smells.  I have it every other day a different scent so I don’t become “nose blind” to the smell.  It sounds techy (and I am not) but I have them on schedules in 2 rooms to only be on when we are actually around and in that particular room.  I LOVE a capri blue candle and they have that brand PLUS nest scents which I also love.  I think I will be buying for the new studio next year! 

8. Softest Sweatshirt - I bought this to be like athleisure vibes but I wear one every week! The material feels SO luxurious and it has the little thumb holes. I just bought two more colors today on sale for $16.  I love it! 

9. Joggers - This is a trend I haven’t left my house in yet (#2020) but I wanted to try some less expensive ones before I splurged on a name brand.  I swear by Lululemon Align Leggings — and this sports bra for that matter, I’ve tried everything and nothing compares, BUT these are only $35 from amazon and I was very impressed. I keep reaching for them when I’m lounging around the house, and when I was looking back through purchases this year, they are definitely one of my most used items. 

10. Charging Cord with Resting Ball - This is a 10ft charging cable and I don’t know how I lived without it.  You can reach your phone easily and the corded ball is super cute, but serves a major purpose because it’s weighted so doesn’t let your phone fall off the nightstand.  When I traveled, I took this with me too since hotel outlets can be hard to come by.  

11. Beck Bag in Cyndi - I LOVE this neon yellow tote. It’s actually much brighter than it looks in this photo. This is a fellow NC brand and I really enjoy following them on Instagram.  They have a ton of colors, but FULL DISCLOSURE they don’t look the same online as they do in person.  I’ve been disappointed with the pinks and teal/blues but can fully endorse the neon yellow Cyndi AND their metallics gold and silver.  Thankfully, their customer service has been good and they offered free returns/exchanges for me when I wasn’t obsessed with the colors. They have opened a flagship store near Lake Norman and I can’t wait to visit since I think I would do better seeing the colors in person.  This is still a bit of a splurge for a bag, BUT they have some really fun live sales and an app you can shop with to be notified for discounts.  I have the Large size (Similar to LV Neverfull GM) and the velvet interior is so soft I wish I could just crawl up inside. 

12. Pink Cozy Slippers - I LOVE these because they are soft and plush but since they are sandal style, my feet don’t sweat.  I also have the ugg ones, which are beautiful, and these $15 tie dyes from Amazon, but as of today, this pair is my favorite.  

13. Drybar Double Shot - I forgot one, y’all! But I’m too lazy to make the graphic again.  I have a ton of Drybar tools and pre-Covid, I loved getting blowouts.  I bought the double shot on sale last year and I am a huge fan.  I have super long and thick hair and this saves me so much time.  It doesn’t necessarily dry faster than their hairdryer (which I also have) BUT when it is dry, it is ready to roll. I don’t have to use any other tools to straighten or polish.  

I’m certainly no fashion blogger, but I love sharing these lists with y’all! I hope it’s helpful and I hope you enjoy your goodies! This post does contain referral codes and affiliate links at no cost to you.  


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