You Just Wait

I have been a mom for 100 days.  Some will say I don’t have enough experience to give any advice and they may be right, but I want to share anyway.  Every time I say how much I absolutely LOVE motherhood and how much easier things are than I thought they would be, more often than not I get this response: “YOU JUST WAIT.”  It’s always in a booming voice with a boastful head nod and raised eyebrows, as if I am in for the scariest ride of my life.  You’ve heard it.  Maybe you’ve even said it.

When I was pregnant, this terrified me.  I did not have a smooth pregnancy, whatsoever, so I was fully prepared for this whole entire newborn year to suck. Bad.  According to what people told me, I thought I would never, sleep, never shower, never hug or kiss Chris again.  I was buckled in, helmet strapped on, bracing myself for the worst year ever.  But that hasn’t been my experience at all.  Quite the opposite, It’s been the best time of my life.  You just wait. 

You just wait until they lay a wiggly baby on your chest and you lock eyes with your husband in complete awe.  You just wait until you see him hold that baby for the first time and your heart feels like it will burst.  You just wait until you get to see your mom and your dad become grandparents and you finally understand how much they love you.  You just wait until your faith grows stronger than ever because you’ve absolutely witnessed a miracle.

You just wait until he falls asleep on your chest and you want to move, but you couldn’t think of anywhere else you would rather be.  You just wait until her teeny tiny fingers wrap themselves around your hand and your heart at the same time.  You just wait until you pick him up and he instantly stops crying —you’ll feel like supermom, and it’s awesome. You just wait until you see how much your friends surround and support you, especially other moms.  That’s one of my favorite things about motherhood, the other moms and how they make me feel like we are all in this together.

You just wait.  One day they’ll start to look you in the eyes and it gives you butterflies. One of my favorite moments as a mom so far was when Vance smiled at me for the first time.  I cried.  It was like after all this time of me flirting with him, he finally flirted back!  He likes me too.  Oh girl, you just wait. 

You just wait until you cuddle your babe up in your arms and breathe in that sweet baby smell.  You just wait until you laugh at yourself singing him to sleep (even though you don’t have a good voice) and you sing anyway.  You just wait until every new stage, every new photo and every new sound she makes is your new favorite. 

Speaking of new favorites.  When he laughs.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I’ve never loved any sound more in all my life and I still get excited about it every single time.   You just wait. 

Let me warn you, your heart is going to explode when your husband makes the cutest silly daddy faces just to get your baby to smile.  You just wait.

You won’t miss staying out late on a Saturday night and you’ll much rather be cuddled up at home with your little family.  Waking up on Sunday mornings and seeing all your guys asleep in the same room, it’s seriously the greatest.  I wouldn’t trade all the hot coffee in the world for that moment.  You just wait.  When every road trip, adventure, holiday or season is SO much sweeter because your child is a part of it.  You won’t even remember what these days were like before her.  You just wait. 

I worried so much about my marriage and if being tired sleepy parents would put a strain on our relationship, but I am here to tell you I think it’s stronger than ever.  You’ll feel like they are the perfect teammate and you wouldn’t want to go through this with anyone else. You just wait.

It's far greater than you ever could have imagined.  You just wait.  

I've been a mom for 100 days,  What do I know?  I know that in each and every one of those days, the good has far outweighed the bad.  But I’m waiting. I hear the warnings of people more experienced than me and I know there will be challenging weeks and moments and years ahead.  We signed up for this, despite the reputation.  But in the hard hours and days when it doesn’t seem so easy, I tell myself.  You just wait. One day he’s going to be too big, too strong and too independent for you to hold him.  One day he won’t need you like he needs you now.

You’ll miss these days when they are gone, you just wait. 

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  • Laura

    Oh my gosh!! This is the best ever!! I loved reading this. It made me cry!! ❤️

  • Lisa

    I loved this post! I couldn’t help but agree and smile the whole time because my experiences were the same! Thank you for seeing the bright side of life!

  • Dom

    I love this post and have shared it with all my pregnant and momma friends!! :) I’m in my third trimester with my first and have gotten a little disheartened with all the negative comments about how my life will be over and “you’ll see” how much this all sucks. I know it will be hard, but I do think a positive perspective/attitude/ mindset has a lot to do with how your overall experience goes. Your post proves this. <3

  • Angela Conklin

    You just wait until they all three marry within eighteen months and you have ten grandbabies in ten years! It’s the greatest thing ever! You just wait!!
    Best. Post. Ever.

  • Michelle Davis

    Thank you for this post… I’m two months from my delivery date and I cried tears of joy reading this. I’m in that stage of bracing myself even having conversations with my husband saying I hope I won’t be mean without sleep…please give me grace… Thanks for sharing a positive spin on all these aspects it so relieving! I’m choosing joy over anxious thoughts thanks to you!! I can’t wait!

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