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Take the extra minute

May 09, 2017 Maghon Taylor

Yesterday was my sweet mama’s birthday.  It’s been a really awesome year for us.  Over the years our relationship has grown and changed, some years more awesome than others, but I think this year has been my favorite.  

You Just Wait

May 04, 2017 Maghon Taylor

 I have been a mom for 100 days.  Some will say I don’t have enough experience to give any advice and they may be right, but I want to share anyway.  Every time I say how much I absolutely LOVE motherhood and how much easier things are than I thought they would be, more often than not I get this response: “YOU JUST WAIT.”  It’s always in a booming voice with a boastful head nod and raised eyebrows, as if I am in for the scariest ride of my life.  You’ve heard it.  Maybe you’ve even said it.