You won’t BELIEVE what I created! 🎉

Hey, y’all!

Wanna hear about the time that I look my passion for confetti to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL

Well you’re in for a real treat! 😂

Here’s how it goes...

Even my friends know my huge passion for confetti! My friend once tagged me in a comment on a photo of a confetti chair on Instagram. I was IN LOVE, but it was $400.

My other friend suggested that I make it myself! A new idea was born into my idea-driven brain, and soon after my favorite DIY project EVER had begun! 

Here are the materials I got:

  • Acrylic Ghost Chair
  • Assorted Confetti
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Modge Podge
  • Trash Bag

Luckily, I had two ghost chairs that I had already bought from Amazon. (Get yours here!) 

Here are the steps: 

Spread your trash bag out under your chair to catch all of your beautiful confetti. You can also use a small tarp if you already have one. 

Collect your confetti! This can be your own, or here is a link to one of my               favorites!                             

Spray a thin layer of adhesive spray on the underside and backside of the chair. Quickly, while still wet, sprinkle handfuls of confetti onto the spray adhesive. Let it dry for a few minutes, then shake the excess onto your tarp or trash bag. 

Modge Podge time! Pour the Modge Podge in a zigzag pattern onto the confetti. Use a foam brush to cover up the confetti. Don’t worry - it will all eventually dry clear! Let dry overnight. 

Annndddd voila! You now have your own DIY confetti chair! 

If you choose to make one, I would 💖 LOVE 💖 to see it! Please tag @allshewrotenotes and use the hashtag #confettichair, so I can easily find it! 

You won’t believe my before and after confetti chair pics! Check them out here

Thanks for joining me on this confetti journey! 🎉

That's all she wrote! 


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